5 Steps To Eliminate The Hustle & Create a Freedom-Based Business
Take The Next Step For Your Business - The Diagnostic Program & Consult is FREE With No Obligation to Continue
In the Business Diagnostic Assessment with our program director, you'll see how the 5 pillars of the Expert-Business Blueprint can be applied to your coaching practice, specifically.

During your call, you'll get:

1. Honest feedback & practical insights about why you're stuck inside your business.

2. Clarity of the steps you need to take to produce more clients & create a freedom-based business that works for you.

3. Your questions answered about ongoing mentoring & support from Justin & his expert-team.

I'm very selective over who I choose to offer the Business Diagnostic Program to . . . because we review your assessment manually and provide actual mentoring on a call that has been paid for by the company.

First, you’ll need to fill in an online application form. 

Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just need an idea of your business and niche, and some links so my team can do some research . . . then you'll be able to book a time for your 1-1 consult. 

Immediately after that's booked, you'll be given access the Business Diagnostic Assessment.

On the 1-1 call, your assessment results will be reviewed with you, and you'll be given a valuable, and practical set of action steps to move your business forward. You will NOT be given any 'hard sales pitches' on this call. If you want to hear more about working together longer-term, please ask us before ending the call.  

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One Last Dose of Brutal Honesty...
I have 4 questions for you and your answers will determine if this is for you.

• Are you 100% serious about your success and not too darn lazy to do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and create high 6-7 figure business?

• Will you wipe out of your memory forever all the negative dribble all the naysayers and well-meaning friends and relatives in your life are preaching to you?

• Are you prepared to put in 100% (because I will give you 100%) . . . and can you handle the truth to the point it puts you so outside of your comfort zone . . . you might want to punch me right in the face at times? 

• Are you willing to leave your own pre-conceived ideas and ego at the door, get off your ass, take action and implement what I reveal in the Expert-Business Blueprint Mentoring Program over the next 12 months?

When you can answer YES to ALL of the above, then please proceed.

Otherwise, you should consider leaving this website now . . . as this is not for you. If you are still hanging in there with me, then chances are you will do what it takes to become very successful.