Already Making $60k/Year & Ready to Scale To High-6 or Even 7-Figures? This is For Coaches Who Want a Real Business With Profits & Freedom...
I'm looking for coaches, consultants & trainers who want my personal help to generate high 6-figures (or even 7-figures) consistently & predictably. 

Coaches who want more freedom, more wealth, and to scale to reach more clients than ever.

More specifically, this is for coaches, trainers & consultants who feel 'trapped'. 

You've gained some good momentum... growing an audience... on-boarding clients... 

But you're feeling burned-out

Everything is resting on your shoulders. 

You're stuck in the "Time for Money Trap"... and even though you ENJOY helping clients... you know it can't continue this way. 

You know you have the potential to scale up to high-6 or even 7-figures.. but have no idea HOW you'll do it with your current resources and experience-level.

You're generating at least a few thousand dollars each month... BUT cashflow is still tight... profits aren't great. You're spinning your wheels and getting more clients only puts more stress on you.

... and worst of all... your personal relationships are strained. 

You're becoming a stranger to your partner and kids. 

You're lacking energy... no time to go to the gym, or to take care of your health. 

And you don't see a way out. Your passion is waning. Perhaps you've even thought about packing it in and starting over in a new business... or getting a job (urgh). 

Does ANY of this sound familiar to you?

If it does, we need to talk. Because I have answers and solutions for you (since I've been where you are and broke through the other side). 

If this message feels like it was written for you, then I've set aside 30-minutes for us to chat, one-on-one.

First, I'd like to get to know you and your business. We'll talk about the challenges and opportunities you currently see. 

Then I'll personally help you get unstuck and start creating more growth and profits (based on what I've discovered from launching and growing multiple 6-figure coaching businesses). 

There's no charge for this and it only takes about 30 minutes together. 

We can talk about how to reduce your working hours (whilst increasing your profits)... or how to automate your marketing so you have consistent leads & cashflow... 

We can even discuss your financial tracking and how to widen your margins. 

Maybe you need help with your team members or employees... and want them to become more loyal, motivated and competent. 

Whatever is most critical to you, we can talk about.

At the end of this session one of these two things will happen:

1. You get incredible insights and value from the call, and decide to implement it yourself. If that's the case, I'll wish you luck and ask you check in once in a while to let me know how its going!

2. You get incredible insights & value from the call, and ask to become my client so I can personally help you apply and profit from it. 

If that's the case, I'll invite you to join my group mentoring program, where clients are getting life-changing results quickly.

That's it. No catch.
...So Why Would I Offer This?
I'll be clear and transparent:

When you're given a clear plan to success by someone whose done it (over and over again), you'll finally be able to create a predictable and consistent income, whilst growing a 'real' business. 

. . . and when you get that clarity, there's a good chance you'll want some mentoring, accountability and systems to implement the plan as fast as possible.

If that's the case, I might invite you to enrol into my Expert-Business Blueprint group mentoring program.

The Expert-Business Blueprint is the step-by-step playbook of how to grow a successful coaching business - whilst enjoying more freedom and time off. 

It gives you the answers you've been looking for, on how to STOP trading time for money, and instead create a 'real' business that serves clients without you. 

A 'real' business based on reliable systems and tight operations. 

A 'real' business that attracts loyal & competent team members, and boasts a fulfilling & exciting culture.

A business that continues to grow even when you're taking a relaxing holiday (with your iPhone turned OFF).

When you're ready for your business to become an ASSET, rather than a job, you'll be a perfect fit for the Expert-Business Blueprint. 

The program is based on 3 core pillars: 

Pillar #1: Identity-Level Transformation 

You hold an identity - a pattern of thoughts, beliefs and fears - that determine every decision you make in your business.

Your goals, your successes and your failures are all derived from the identity that you've chosen. 

And the absolute, number ONE reason most coaches fail in business and have to go back to working for someone else? 

...they operate from the 'solopreneur' identity. 

They're run by ego. Every decision is based on their perception of self-worth. 

They're afraid to let go. Afraid to be seen. Afraid to get help. 

The ego tells you that you need to do it all yourself.

And you know this is a lie you keep telling yourself. 

So, what do the tiny % of coaches & trainers that successfully grow 7-figure empires & dream lifestyles do that you don't?

They shifted their identity to think like an "Entrepreneur", or "business owner". 

The entrepreneur identity is driven by a grand vision. Of helping people, and making an impact. 

The entrepreneur knows they have a powerful SYSTEM on their hands, that can change the lives of thousands of people. 

They know they are the bottleneck to that message reaching the masses. 

They seek mentorship. They grow a team of people around them to help fulfil the vision. 

They aren't afraid to be seen as the go-to experts and authority of their market. 

They KNOW that they must create a business that works FOR THEM... rather than keep working for their business.

The first part of the Expert-Business Blueprint reveals YOUR identity, what limiting beliefs you've been holding onto, and how to shift into true Entrepreneur mode to unleash your potential for growth and scale.

Pillar #2: Systems, Structure & Financial Education 

Once you've created a big vision for your company and accepted the need to go big or go home, we move to the next step. 

For your system to scale and reach the masses, you need strong operations and structure in your business. 

In this part of the program, you'll discover:

- How to stay laser-focused on the most profit-producing tasks that move you forward with momentum

- The simplest & fastest way to turn your methodology for results into a packaged SYSTEM that can be repeated and SCALED (this works for online businesses, as well as local brick 'n' mortar establishments)

- How to identify all the tasks that need to be accomplished in your business, and create job descriptions so others can follow 

- How to manage the people and systems of your business so they see you as the courageous leader they love and respect 

- How to attract the RIGHT people to work for you - people who are talented, loyal and motivated to achieve your vision

- Plus we get to grips with the basic finance metrics you must track to keep your business health

Once you have a solid entrepreneurial mindset & vision, and a tight operational structure, its time for the final pillar: 

Pillar #3: Your Growth Strategy to Be Seen Everywhere

Now that you've got the systems and the people to help you, its time to put our foot on the gas and ramp things up. 

This stage is all about Expert-Authority Positioning - being seen everywhere as the go-to trusted advisor to your market or local area.

You know that more fitness trainers, self-help coaches and business consultants are saturating your market more than ever. That trend is only going to continue. 

However, this presents a life-changing opportunity for those who see it. 

This is your chance to position yourself as the trusted, credible and authentic expert the people can buy from with certainty. 

But we must do this strategically, and with the long-game in mind. 

You see, your competitors only think SHORT-TERM. They only think about what they can GET from the market... instead of what they can give. This is their downfall, and our window of opportunity.

Let me explain...

Most of your so-called 'competitors' will be blowing all their advertising budget on ads that harass their market and capture email addresses for no value in return. 

They will attempt to convince cold prospects to jump on a strategy call with them, before building any trust or authority. 

They will chase SHINY-OBJECTS and give up on a marketing tactic if it doesn't work after 3 days. 

They'll hop around from blogging, to FB ads, to Youtube, to FB groups, and back to blogging again. 

And they'll never understand why their money is being drained and nobody is responding. 

In fact, the harsh truth is that 90% of these coaches will be OUT OF BUSINESS within 36 months from now.

But that will not happen to you. 

Because you'll be on the "inside track". You'll be successfully deploying the Expert-Business Blueprint Growth Strategy. 

Here's an insight into what we'll be doing differently:

First, we'll CUT right through all the noise by demonstrating value to your audience. 

We do that using a powerful and proven content marketing strategy. If you own a local business, this will quickly position you as the "Local Celebrity". It will make your business known as the "go-to" place for results and experience. 

I'll show you how to make content that inspires, educates and engages your prospects. 

You'll create a TRIBE of raving followers. 

The second part of this strategy is to create a sales funnel that gives the most qualified and hungry followers an opportunity to get even more help from you. 

This is how you'll make sales and enrol new clients WITHOUT ever being pushy, desperate, and without having to slash your prices. 

In fact, when you dominate your newsfeed with the best content, you'll be able to easily RAISE your fees as people see you as the Expert Authority. 

The best part of this? 

Is that 90%+ of this sales funnel system is AUTOMATED. We put the system on autopilot so you have a MACHINE that attracts, nurtures and converts leads into buyers every day of the week. 

And then, the third part of the growth strategy equation... 

Being Seen Everywhere. 

You have your powerful content marketing calendar... you have a sales system that converts those followers into loyal & happy buyers... 

Now we "turn on the tap".... and start filling your pipeline with new leads every single day. 

This goes way beyond Facebook. 

Courses that show you how to do FB ads and FB groups are a dime a dozen. We go WAY deeper than that. 

Inside the Expert-Business Blueprint you'll be taking advantage of:

- Facebook Paid advertising 

(I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own cash - always with a profit - into Facebook ads. I've been winning with FB Ads since 2011. Learn how to do ads right from someone whose' been there, done it and is STILL doing it ... not some 'weekend expert' who read an ebook and now teaches others how to do it...)

- Google Adwords and Remarketing

- Youtube marketing (organic and paid ads)

- LinkedIn marketing

- Mass Celebrity Media marketing - I'll show you how to I get articles and stories featured on platforms such as Men's Health, Forbes & national TV and radio...

- Live stream marketing (I recently helped a client in the coaching space shoot up from 2k livestream viewers to over 30,000 viewers... within 4 months)

- Print advertising - magazine publishing isn't dead. In fact, its now easier AND cheaper than ever because everyone is busy blowing all their money on FB ads

Of course I don't teach you ALL of the above. 

Instead, you'll be given access to my team of world-class experts and industry leaders that provide cutting edge trainings on each of these areas. 

They are all available to you inside the Expert-Business Blueprint program, so you can create the ULTIMATE marketing strategy and be seen everywhere as the obvious choice for your market.

When you put the three pillars together you have a real expert-business that has the potential to scale to over 7-figures and create huge impact in people's lives...whilst giving you the freedom lifestyle so you can prioritise your health, your relationships and your own dreams. 

Just so you know, this is a 12-month mentoring program. 

This is so I can get to know your business intimately and give you the support and guidance you deserve. 

And what if you don't want to become a client? Don't worry about it. I won't pester or push you at all. I only want coaches inside my mastermind who want to be there building a real business.

Now this is obviously a crazy offer worth a lot of money to you.

Think about it. . .

We're going to dive deep into your most pressing sticking points... and I'm going to give you direct, no B.S advice on how to get out of that hole, based on my own experience of growing freedom-based businesses for myself and my clients all over the world. 

This is all free to you. You may choose to invest into my mentoring program to get all the support, tools and accountability you need afterwards.

But I'm happy to put myself out there like this because my clients stay for a long time, and get life-changing results in their business and life. 

My system works, its proven, and I know that when we work together you'll see quantum jumps in your business and freedom.

That's why I'm sought out by 7-figure earning coaches, and even 8-figure speakers around the world.

So as you can imagine, I get a lot of interest for this offer.

And thats why I need to let you know, 

This is NOT For Everyone.
Here's Who I CAN Help:
I'm very selective over who I choose to offer this 30-minutes of free consulting to, and have a strict - but fair - set of criteria that must be met for us to proceed.

Here it is:

1. You must be generating at least $5000 per month, minimum.

If you're not earning $5k per month yet, then this is not for you. If you apply you'll be politely declined. 

My work is with entrepreneurs who have some momentum and are ready to go to 6-figures and beyond. 

2. You must have good experience and confidence in what you offer. 

If you want to teach people how to make money, but you've never made money yourself... please don't apply. 

If you want to help people with their spirituality or mindset, but your own life is a fucking disaster... don't apply

And if you want to teach people how to lose weight, but you plan on selling "quick fix" diet pills or potions... please don't apply.

I only want to help REAL experts with valuable wisdom and expertise to share.

3. You must be ready to take action and be coachable. 

After all, if you don't implement what I share with you, then neither of us make any money. And that's just dumb. 

That's it! Those are my requirements. Like I said... strict but fair.
Here's what happens next when you click the big blue button:

First, you'll schedule a time on my easy calendar link. Then you'll be asked to answer a few questions. Don't worry, its simple and quick. 

I just need an idea of your business and niche, and some links so I can do some research for you before we talk.

Once you've booked your time, you'll get a confirmation email.

Then Ieva from my office will give you a call or a ping within 48 hours at the most, just to confirm and ask if you have any other questions. Ieva is my community manager and she's very friendly and smiley, don't worry!

Our call will be around 30 minutes, and held on Zoom.

This is where we figure out your biggest challenges... and then create the plan to break out and start getting more clients, freedom and profits.

I'll review your goals, your offers, your marketing funnel, and anything else I need...and deliver advice to help you get more clients and free up more time.

So there's no risk, and nothing to lose. All you have is everything to gain. 

If you feel this is right for you, click the button below and let's get started.
Talk soon,
Justin Devonshire
P.S. do you have a quick question you want to ask? Then send me a message on Facebook Messenger - click the link below to use FB Chat:
P.P.S.You may be wondering what you get as a client of my mentoring program...

There are THREE components that create the mentoring program.

They are: 

1. The SYSTEM 
2. The Mastermind 
3. The Mentoring 

Let's break down each of those in turn:

The first thing you get is my proprietary and proven business SYSTEM. 

I've used this over, and over again, to launch and grow 6-figure coaching and training businesses all over the world. 

In the fitness industry I used this system to grow a $25k+/month facility ... completely outsourced (I had 'retired' from training at that point). 

Then I used this system to create a $10k/month Skype consulting business, helping entrepreneurs from my local lounge bar, overlooking the Mediterranean ocean...

Soon after, I used the same system to promote and fill over 300 live seminars, workshops, and luxury retreats. My clients also used it to fill their own events in self-help, marketing, real estate, and spirituality / mindset.

I've been hand-selected to help 7-figure mindset coaches and 8-figure business coaches grow their income to the next level with this system. 

And I'm teaching it to you - in a box!

You're going to discover,

Module 1: Identity-Level Transformation - How to shed the 'solopreneur' mentality and instead adopt the traits that make powerful, visionary entrepreneurs. When you transform your mindset, you'll change your actions. When you change your actions you'll experience new results.

This module will reveal deep, impactful revelations about why you've struggled with elements of your business so far. It will also show you how to become aware of your identity and make stronger decisions as a leader.

Module 2: Vision & Objectives - To succeed past the 6-figure level, you need a vision to drive you. A vision that excites you and your team. This vision must then be broken down into actionable objectives. 

You'll leave this module with clear and achievable sales targets, profit targets and benchmarks to be sure your clients (and team) are happy and loyal to your brand. Now we have clear goals to achieve, we can build out the step-by-step plan to attain it.

Finally, no more shiny-object syndrome! From here on, you'll wake up energized and focused because you'll know your daily role and exactly what needs to be done!

Module 3: Operations & Finance -  Its time to work ON your business, instead of in it. 

First we'll create a ROADMAP of all the functions and departments in your business. You'll see your business with brand-new clarity. We'll break down each task into a repeatable, systematic PROCESS. 

You'll create an organisational structure where everyone knows what their role is, and how to do it.

You'll even leave this module with an Operations Manual - a playbook for how your business is run, so you could literally take time off and everyone would know exactly what to do and how to do it.

In this module you'll also gain a real financial education and understand the key metrics that must be tracked in your business. We keep the numbers of business simple and revealing. Its a relief to see the financial health of your company and be able to make sensible, strategic decisions (instead of the uncertainty and anxiety that most coaches deal with...)

Module 4: Resource Management - Part of this program is to see your business as an "investment vehicle" that's designed to give you the lifestyle, freedom and wealth you always wanted. 

Part of being an investor is managing your resources, or assets. 

Your business has 6 key assets. When you put a plan in place to add value to these assets, they will each provide HUGE returns to you. 

Those key resources are:

(i) Your time & energy - the first asset you must protect is YOU! I'll show you steps I take to keep a healthy work/life balance. I have plenty of time with my baby son and partner. My gym workouts don't fall off track. I'm never too busy to see friends or family (because they are what really matters, right?). 

In this module we'll set you up for the same success. 

I'll reveal to you my daily productivity secrets and morning rituals that allow me to get more productive and fulfilling work done before 10am - than my competitors could do in one month!

Looking after yourself is truly the fastest way to see compound results in your business. 

(ii) Your Cashflow 

In business, cash is king! 

Unfortunately, most coaches are terrible at handling cash. I know you've experienced months where revenue is coming in... yet you don't seem to break profit? 

No matter how many clients your funnel pulls in... you're always just scraping by to cover those costs? 

We need to protect your cashflow and make your business cash-rich! Then you'll always have money to re-invest in scaling up.... and just the peace of mind of knowing your business is storing away bags of money for a 'rainy day'.

(iii) Your team 

The legendary billionaire entrepreneur - and a long-time mentor of mine - Richard Branson - teaches this amazing concept:

"You build your team... and your team will build the business!"

Its so true, and I can vouch from experience.

Your team are one of your greatest assets - we must appreciate them! They will bring TENS of thousands of dollars return to you. 

In this part of the module you'll discover the longest-proven ways to:

- Keep your team excited and passionate to achieve your company vision 

- Help them feel like they own their work and have creative expression in their work (meaning they'll NEVER want to leave you!)

- How to compensate them with value other than just money. Did you know your team can be driven and motivated by things other than money? In fact, with the right team culture you'll attract people that want to "work to learn" more than they want to earn! 

- Building a strong team culture based on positivity, respect and loyalty 

- How to maintain strong relationships with them outside of work, and how to balance the line between being a boss and a friend 

(iv) Your audience / tribe 

Your tribe is comprised of your client list, and your prospect list. Treat these people well, and they'll repay you in gold! 

You'll discover ways to add value to their lives BEYOND whats expected of your company. 

You know for a fact that you don't just offer fitness...or life coaching... or marketing advice... 

No. You really offer TRANSFORMATION. You offer them freedom, confidence and fulfilment in life. are they actually seeing that? 

After this module you'll know exactly how to position your company as a beacon of light to the people involved in it, and your wider community. 

As a result, you'll become more than just a company... it will become a movement.

(v) Your network / connections 

A wise man once said, "Your network is your net worth!" 

Strong connections can literally leapfrog your success to new heights - in the blink of an eye! 

The right connection can open doors you never knew existed.

They can introduce you to people you thought were "out of your league".

They can help you solve problems in minutes...that previously had taken you months.

So my question is... are you actively building a strong network around yourself?

Are you attracting, and maintaining powerful relationships that can boost your wealth at the right time? 

Most likely the answer is a resounding "No!". We're about to change that. 

By the end of this part of the course you'll understand how to create meaningful, authentic relationships with the players of your industry. How to be network properly and give value to others so they excitedly wait to return the favour to you.

I totally believe we should take control over our own destiny... however I can't discount the fact that I wouldn't be were I am today if it wasn't for a few friends and high-level contacts giving me a few pushes here and there. This is a competitive advantage available for you to take!

(vi) Your Expert Authority & social proof 

The final key asset to focus on is your authority positioning, and social proof. 

As your marketplace gets more saturated by the day, the coaches who win will be those who demonstrate PROOF of results. How else can people really know who to trust in a world of 'overnight experts', fakers and frauds?

We must actively build your portfolio of testimonials, success stories and demonstrations of value that simply WOW your sceptics. 

Many of your market have been burned in the past. We must show them you are DIFFERENT. You CARE. 

And most importantly, you get the job done for them. In this module you'll discover how to create authentic content that people instantly connect with. Positioning secrets that position you as unique and better than the other alternatives. 

And how to create and use testimonials (in a way that shares value, instead of 'bragging'). 

At the end of Module 4, you'll have a deep understanding of the assets that will bring wealth, success and freedom to your life. 

Not only that, but you'll have actionable SYSTEMS in place that are building and appreciating these assets on your behalf. 

These assets will pay off dividends for you in the months, years and decades to come... and you'll be so relieved that you implemented them right now.

Yet there's still one more module to go... 

Module 5: Growth Strategy - Once your business systems are in place, its time for your business and methodology to be seen EVERYWHERE as the go-to authority of the marketplace.

In module 5 you'll discover:

 ...How to build an automated marketing funnel that's SIMPLE and powerful (even if you hate tech, like me). This is easy because I also give you complete access to my DFY swipe files and templates. 

That means you get my exact landing page templates, copies of my email sequences to model, and even my best-converting Facebook Ad swipes. All yours. No holds-barred. All access (this alone is worth twice the investment of the entire program).

...Then I teach you how to close high-ticket sales in a professional and ethical way. 

I hate the typical, "wolf of wall street"-type sales stuff. It makes me cringe. As a professional you don't have to sell that way.

I'll show you how I've used a method called "Educational Selling" that actually gives value to your prospect. Its a lot more prescriptive in nature, and leads to more trust and authenticity (which is the REAL key to sales... not some "NLP trick")

...You'll also discover my very best traffic strategies. 

This is how I flood my funnel with targeted, quality leads - using Facebook ads, organic social media, Youtube, and even traffic from promotional partners!

I'll show you behind-the-scenes of how I've generated tens of thousands of dollars with Facebook ads and social media content. 

But that's all just the first thing you get.

You'll have all the information, steps and tools to build a 6-figure business. But what makes this program even more valuable is our focus on IMPLEMENTATION.

That's why you're getting mentoring, guidance, accountability and support... every single week for an entire year. 

Every Monday we hop on the live group mentoring call where you can chat to me in real time. I can review your marketing, help with your finances, or you can even ask me more advanced questions on leadership or mindset. 

The clients in the mastermind LOVE these weekly calls, as they get my 100% "No B.S" style of telling you as it is. This way you MUST take action each week.

Like I said, its not for everyone. Only action takers can withstand the pressure here.

The third main thing you get is 24/7 access to my team of copywriters, funnel builders, marketing specialists and Facebook ad managers - all within a private community. 

This is huge. 

My team have built funnels and campaigns for 8-figure businesses. We write copy and run ads for some of the biggest names in coaching. 

And my tech staff can solve website riddles in mere minutes (that would take mortals like me and you hours!). 

And you get access to ask them ANYTHING. 


For one entire year.

Its not just me you're getting access to. Its my team of experts. 

And the value from the other members of the group. We have leading authorities from the weight loss, fitness, mindset, business / marketing and other niches all active in our community. 

So you WILL find an answer to any solution within 5 minutes. Guaranteed.

What would it be worth to you to never get stuck ever again? To always have a support team helping you move forward... step by step.... with no slowing down and NO going backward?

As an Mastermind client you will ALWAYS know what to do next... you will ALWAYS have clear guidance, and you will ALWAYS keep momentum going. 

That's how you breakthrough to success.

Anyway, if you feel this will help you finally get that secure and consistent income, whilst growing a healthy business that gives you freedom and flexibility... click below and schedule our 1-1 call.